So, what's our deal?

The Start of Purple Riot

Purple Riot Co was started with one idea in mind "we can do that, but better". There are PLENTY of online boutiques out there but we think we are a little different. We believe in dressing how you want. We believe in being unique. We believe your clothes have a voice. We believe in dressing for success. We believe in dressing authentically. We believe there is no wrong way to dress. Let no one judge you, especially you.

Dress to impress YOURSELF. Dress to be a badass. Dress to bring the house down. Dress to be honest. Dress to MAKE SOME NOISE. Dress to be you.

Let Purple Riot help you feel good. There is no wrong way to dress.

We are just a small company wanting to make our way by helping others feel good and look good "to get through this thing called life"!